Free Training for Locals

A local business man with a software/web design and hosting company based in Rugeley, has been doing some coding with a local primary school and impressed by some of the children’s ability and interest in coding.

He is hoping to retire one day (probably never happen!), but has not been able to find the right person.

He has suggested that it may be a good idea to offer to provide some time with local keen students such that one or two might want even one day want to take over his company and its portfolio of software!

Although this could also be accomplished by providing the time in a school, this is extracurricular, would mean the school would need to be able to provide the facilities out of hours with building and staff issues, and the school would need to take responsibility. The commitment I am sure could not be justified, even for the gifted/talented students.

Alternatively it could be approached as a non-school activity where parents take this opportunity and just as if they were going to a football coaching session, piano lessons, or an activity like that, the parent would elect to take them to the activity as they are free to do.

If he can find say 3 or 4 youngsters (?) that really want to get into coding, then providing the parents are also keen after meeting him, he is prepared to offer let’s say two hours per week free of charge, (they will need to do some homework), to those suitable, teaching at a location in Rugeley, (four machines, some with two monitors and the latest software), including scanning, A3 printing, digitisers, plotter cutter, etc., etc. (a veritable Aladdin’s cave to a computer whiz kid).

The parent would need to take the child and later collect them and they would be able to see the facility, and one could even watch for some of the time to assess if it is to their expectations.

How would the applicants be selected?

1: they must be really keen to on the subject.

2: they must be self-motivated and disciplined.

3: they must already be coding in some way.

If you are a parent of someone that would benefit from this opportunity to develop their computer software skills for business, games or web sites, please email in the first instance to….