Computaphile has been working with a number of Hot Air Balloon Flight Providers since 1993 developing our Hot Air Balloon Flight Booking Software!

We have developed a number of versions with them and now have a true multi user version is available using MySQL, engineered specifically for hot air balloon flight providers.

It includes support for Agencies with invoicing, web data uploading and on line availability, SMS texting and much more.

Enquiries, Bookings, Flights and Passengers all viewable on one screen.

Do you take bookings for Fishing Trips, Racing Cars rides, Rock Climbing, Flying Training etc., etc.? The current booking software could easily be customised to suit most booking applications… Just give us a call, it may make your life a lot easier.

Computaphile has just released a new version of the Hot Air Balloon Flight Booking program.
Since the modifications that were installed for the Hansa Balloon Flight company in Germany, Wickers World Ltd, a local balloon flight company has increased its range of available launch sites creating a need for far more facilities from the program.
The Hot Air Balloon Flights Program has been in use since 1995 with  several companies but was updated to a True Client server solution and window four years ago.
Since then it has been steadily improved by the addition of extra features such as SMS texting straight from the program, plus integration with the web so that up to date availability of flights is available.  Passengers/Voucher holders can access the flight list and reserve spaces directly over the internet, and as the record of spaces is immediately updated (I’m led to believe not all availability sites do that), this prevents overbooking and later disappointment, and also means that should a flight be cancelled due to bad weather, the flight can be re booked over the weekend instead of having to wait until office hours.
Recent features are Hot Air Balloon Lift calculations are done and included in the extensive pre flight report that can be emailed to the pilot, the pilot is able to download the pre flight report directly from the web.
Extensive notes has now been added, as well as the number of launch sites that can be dealt with has been increased from 10 to 50. The availability window that allows passengers to be assigned to a flight has greatly improved to handle the increased number of venues and passengers.
Overall the program provides…
Input of enquires manually from telephone etc.
Printouts from enquiries of letters (mail merge direct to  word with pre prepared templates).
Production of mailing labels.
These reports can be run as a daily batch or current enquiry only.
Transfer from enquiry to confirmed booking.
Extensive find facilities.
Input of bookings manually from telephone etc.
Printouts from bookings of Letters (mail merge direct to  word with pre prepared templates).
Production of mailing labels.
These reports can be run as a daily batch or current booking only.
Production of Vouchers.
Extensive find facilities.
Very simply assignment of passengers to flights, and simple transfer back to standby or alternative flight, with warning and confirmation screens.
Ability to SMS Text passengers from bookings informing of available last minute flights.
Comprehensive colour coded availability details, with ability to sort by venue, date etc.
Availability linked to internet availability.
Bookings can be associated with other bookings so passengers on separate bookings can be collected to fly together.
Extensive note facilities.
Booking remark fields that are shown on pre-flight report.
Customer Flight preferences are collected.
Marketing information collected.
Booking form streamlined for rapid input (no need for mouse for most of the input).

Flight information includes balloon data, pilot, crew and vehicles.
Flight remarks for including on pre-flight report.
Flight details updated to web.
Ability to SMS pilot and crew if needed.
Ability to produce pre-flight report including lift calculation and headings for details from pilot on completion of flight, accessed from the web if needed.
Output of Pilots schedule of upcoming flights, that can be accessed from the web if needed.
Close flight report summarising costs and income.
A number of general reports are available, exported to Excel for further analysis.
High speed backup, to ‘csv’ files. (allows simple export and import).
System Setup Options for SMS and Web updates.
Up to 50 Venues currently but more available if needed.
Balloon and Vehicle details held and used for scheduling.
Pilot and Crew Data held and used for Scheduling.
Agency data held and used for Invoicing when booked or when flown.
Public (Internet) availability is synchronised and examined via simple table accessed direct from the program, not logging in with user name and passwords.
Ability to reconcile internet flight bookings and emails from the web.

The software is constantly being improved from customer requests and can be adapted to specific needs as required.