Our Safety Document System, allows Shift Engineers to produce Documents for Permits, Limited Work Certificates, Sanctions for Test and ROMP’s, etc.

Developed since 1995 with several of the power generation industries top practicing engineers, it is provided as a self contained system, and allows production of permits/certificates simply and efficiently.

The basic concept is that users can edit documents within an approved format, print them with automatic number allocation and at the same time save them as an unalterable record of the document with an internal record of date and times prepared, issued and cancelled.

Above all the system is designed to be simple and quick to operate.
It will reduce manual effort in preparing documents giving more time to users to ensure safety issues are covered.
A new document can be created by editing from a …

  1. New blank sheet.
  2. Predefined template.
  3. Partially created document.
  4. Personally saved document.
  5. Previously printed document.

This facility means that once a document has been created, repeat or similar documents can be produced quickly from any one of the above sources.
Once printed a record of the preparation, issue, non issue and cancellation in the database is provided.
A number of reports are provided to display ‘Today’s’ or ‘All’ documents.

The system has several levels of access, Administrator, Preparer, User and view only.
Users can only save their own documents for re-use, display reports, create, issue and cancel documents.
Administrators can add, change and delete users, templates, phrases etc., as well as the normal user operations.

The system has two areas:

Normal for the day to day document operations, and
Outage for documents produced during outages, (each Outage can be archived off as a separate database).

It has been in use with over 20 stations since the 90’s and has worked with the no problems, other than caused by outside issues. (Network connectivity, printer or printer driver changes or normal computing failures).

After so many years in operation however a new more modern looking version is at the beta test stage, currently in one site only. Streamlining operations and adding flexibility so that some customisation can be done locally adding automatic backing up and archiving and KKS documentation, barcode scanning and isolations label printing.

The system supplied is adjusted to suit individual stations by our working on a one to one basis with the lead engineer.

Operations Managers.. Interested? Just ask for a demonstration!