Our Safety Document System-

Production of documents for Permit To Work, Limited Work Certificates, Sanctions for Test and ROMP’s, etc.
Something missing? Tell us we may add it!

Developed from 1995 with several of the power generation companies top engineers.
Production of permits/certificates simply efficiently and inexpensively using this system.

Operations Managers.. Interested?
Want a working demonstration version (can be uzipped to a USB and run from there)? Want a quick look (Youtube Video)?

Requires no installation-

Other than copying the contents of its folder, contaning the executable, two database files and a number of word templates.
Does not need a network or internet connection to work. Has no hidden links to any external organisation! (Not even us).

Edit documents in an approved format, print them with automatic number allocation and at the same time save them as an unalterable record of the document.
An internal record of date and times prepared, issued and cancelled is saved.

Above all the system is designed to be simple and quick to operate.
Reduce manual effort in preparing documents giving more time to users to ensure safety issues are covered.
Create a new document by editing from a …
  1. New blank sheet.
  2. Predefined template.
  3. Partially created document.
  4. Personally saved document.
  5. Previously printed document.

This facility means that once a document has been created, repeat or similar documents can be produced quickly from any one of the above sources.
Preparation, issue, suspension, non issue and cancellation is automatically registered.
Reports are provided to display ‘Today’s’ or ‘All’ documents, with copy to clipboard and export to spreadsheet.

Several levels of access, Administrator, Preparer, User, Viewer are provided.

Users can save their own documents for re-use, display reports, create, issue and cancel documents.
Administrators add, change and delete users, templates, phrases etc., as well as the normal user operations.

In use with over 20 stations since the 90’s and has worked with the no problems, other than those caused by outside issues.
(Network connectivity when networked, printer or printer driver changes or normal computing failures).

After so many years in operation the latest new more modern looking version is available.

Streamlining operations and adding flexibility so that some customisation can be done locally.
Automatic backing up and archiving and KKS/Tagging documentation, barcode scanning and isolations label printing.

Like it? Need help or advice call on +44 1889 579 572 or email brian@computaphile.com