Shift Rota a Success!

The shift rota at Draklow and Rugeley power stations a success!







Seems its open in every office and reception.

Our shift rota manager software allows simple reallocation of shift duties, records holidays etc., assigning replacements in a predefined method to even out the extra work.

Being active, its always upto date and is used as a reference for instance in reception to see who will be on site on any given day.

The SAP that spent most of his days sorting out shift manning for engineers and operators for Drakelow B and C stations trying to verify and confirm acceptance was now able to delegate the scheduling down to shift team leaders.
As it was active and thus always upto date also meant there was no need to confirm acceptance, it was up to individuals that could now see when they were expected in to inform shift leaders if they would not be available.

The SAP later reverted to normal shift duties!

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