Cleaning Company Scheduler and Wages System

Interesting comment fed back to me..

Another cleaning company was discussing their new wages system with my client.

The other product supplier advised them to take another person to manage the wages, and indicated that the wages would need about six hours per week.

‘We have reduced our staff of five to three, and the wages takes about two hours at the end of the month!’


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My client was asked how our system worked and replied.. ‘We have reduced our staff of five to three, and the wages takes about two hours at the end of the month!’.

My client stated that the previous means of creating the wages as a csv to input to Sage Accounts, used to take a senior administrator three days at the end of the month, and was prone to errors causing several enquiries from cleaners each month regarding missing overtime etc..

The new system takes a couple of hours and since its use only one or two enquires were made and these were quickly resolved via the audit trail and proved that no errors were made!

The reason this system was developed was because each month the number of missed payments that were reported suggested that there were corresponding over payments not reported meaning the company was loosing money.

The fact that they have reduced the employee level is an unexpected bonus. Another benefit is that the wage run can be left to the end of the month instead of several days early.

EastPTW Software

The EasyPTW Software continues to advance..

Although the software has had no working issues, it was felt that if in a multi user, networked application the network speed limited the search speeds, so the improvements benefit the networking apps.

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Further polish applied by improving the speed of fuzzy searches.

Brian Clarke

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