This custom designed version of the software was written to work within a particular company’s safety rules.

The software is in current use by over twenty facilities in the UK in a number of versions to suit individual company’s requirements and safety rules.

The safety documents produced by this version are:

  • Permit to Work (PTW)

A permit is prepared in two parts:

Section 1 & 2 – The ‘General’ safety aspects (Preparation stage)

(Safe access, a safe place of work, Safe Systems of Work and the use of correct equipment and protective clothing)

This part is produced by a Preparation authority (usually a maintenance engineer responsible for arranging the work) or a Senior Authorised Person (SAP).

  • Work area
  • Description of work
  • Details of Risk Assessment/Method statement for work and any other information required to cover ‘General’ safety

When complete the document is committed which allocates the PTW number and records the details in the database

Section 3 – The ‘Safety from the System’       (Authorisation stage)

This part can only be completed by an SAP

Whether isolations are required to provide safety – if so then isolations are recorded on an Isolation Certificate (IC), a key from a lock securing that IC is attached to the PTW to ensure isolation cannot be removed until the PTW is cancelled.

  • Isolation certificate

A document which details all isolations which have been carried out, locked and tagged the keys to which are secured by the IC.

  • Sanctions – 3 types covering higher hazard work classes:
    • Sanction for Live work (SLW)
      For live work
    • Sanction for Test (SFT)
      Introduction of test supplies
    • Sanction for Restoration Of Motive Power (ROMP)
      Where power is required in order to carry out the activity

Plus ancillary documents:

  1. Isolation list

An Authorised Persons Isolation list

  1. Isolation labels

Printed self-adhesive labels with individual Point of Isolation details for luggage labels for isolation keys.

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