Computaphile has been working with a number of Hot Air Balloon Flight Providers since 1993 developing our Hot Air Balloon Flight Booking Software

The application has been developed over the years adding additional features which fit the users requirements, the current release features multi-user facilities to optimise bookings for hot air balloon flight providers.


·        Web integration to give real time availability to customers

·        Passengers live booking/reserving of seats on flights via the website with preferences so flights are immediately updated with passenger list

·        Passengers able to rebook flights themselves if a flight has to be cancelled because of bad weather – no waiting for the office to reopen!

·        Hot Air Balloon Lift calculations are carried out and automatically included in the extensive pre flight report emailed to the pilot.

·        Mail merge for booking confirmations from pre-prepared templates

·        Produces mailing labels

·        Report generation as batch or single enquiry

·        Produces vouchers

·        Passenger assignment to flights

·        Passenger transfer to standby or alternative flights

·        SMS texts to passengers for last minute availability messages

·        Facility to link bookings on different flights

·        Marketing information collated

·        Flight report prepared from balloon data, pilot, crew and vehicles

·        Flight details uploaded to Web

·        SMS texts to pilot & crew if required

·        Pilots schedule uploaded to Web

·        Back-up facility

·        Database contains details of balloons, vehicles, Pilots, Crew and 50 venues

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