Our Proven UK Permit To Work System –

This software is in current use by over twenty facilities in the UK in a number of versions to suit individual company’s requirements and safety rules based on Computaphile’s 24 years of experience providing UK Power Stations with electronically produced safety documents.
It was originally developed to manage the old CEGB safety systems, and provides security of production and reporting.

The concept for the design of the system is for a tool that is intuitive, easy to use, with minimum time inputting data but maximum assistance from default entries, context sensitive phases and templates.

Our application can be tailored to fulfil the specific needs of any safety system that meets HSE guidance on Permits to Work.

  • Pipes and tubes and chimney at a power plant
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  • main-menu
  • isolations
  • permittowork
  • live
  • test
  • romp
  • documemt-manager
  • activity
  • systemsettings
  • phrases-manager
  • user-manager

With tools to assist user preparation and reduce data entry –

  • Copy and edit any previous document contents
  • default entries for each safety document type
  • ‘Right click’ context sensitive phrases:

Safety Document software allows the preparation and production of

  • Permits to Work
  • Isolation Certificates
  • Authorised Person Isolation record
  • Isolation labels
  • Sanction for Test, Live Work and for Restoration of Motive Power
  • Plant areas
  • Work details
  • Contractor Company names
  • RAMS details
  • Further precautions
  • Additional precautions
  • Points of Isolation
  • standard templates

User can save your own templates and share them with other users through the global template feature.

Document management and recording of different stages in the life of safety documents i.e. Preparation, Issue, Suspension, Cancellation or Not Issue activity in a database.

Report generation with an export to Excel facility and export of daily activity to the clipboard for pasting into plant logs.

Automatic archiving at user configured intervals.

Four password-controlled user levels.

Unrestricted access to view all documents and transactions through read-only access to activity reports.

Like it? If you need help or advice call on +44 1889 579 572 or email b.clarke@computaphile.co.uk

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