We can provide training from basic to complex – tailored to your requirements, carried out by experienced trainers that are also experienced users. Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access and more.

Want Microsoft Access Database training? Is it for an in house application that you want to build or modify?

Why not get us to train you while at the same time developing the application with you? That way you learn the application and get a developed system that you can then modify and further develop yourselves!

Get training from experienced users!

e.g. A company had a database application, created by an ex-employee, it needs some extra reports and one or two ‘bugs’ sorting.
We did the work with the assistance of one of the staff who we left capable of some work herself giving her an increased insight to the application so she was able maintain the data more effectively, and with further visits continued to provide the double benefit of training and application development.

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