Computaphile writes software

Bespoke applications to suit particular customer’s needs

Develop a new application to fit your unique problem or customise an existing programme to match your own organisations needs

We can build cost effective tools to solve clients business problems which will save their companies time and resources

 We can incorporate databases, web, SMS texts, barcodes, access control cards & fobs, archiving, backups, user levels, encryption – whatever your project needs



Computaphile has designed and created software solutions for a variety of companies:


Power Stations, Energy from Waste, Biomass, Hot Air Balloon Companies, Cleaning contractors, University …. 

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·        Permit to Work Document Production – Power Stations – 20+  Locations, several companies with customised versions covering different safety rules and documents

·        Shift Rota staff Program with absence cover management and hours tracking – Power Stations

·        Diploma Printing – for University

·        Employee absence cover management with wages tracking and management – Cleaning Contractor Company

·        Materials ordering system – Cleaning Contractor Company

·        Flight Booking Systems for Hot Air Balloon Company – 10+

·        Komax Wire Cutting Design Tool in Excel

·        Bar Code Reader for Document Management

·        Contactless Card Scanner for Logon to Software

·        Plus other minor projects, email sender, database manager, etc, etc

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