We develop bespoke software to support or clients needs.

How do we do it at a sensible price?

We cut out detailed specifications and contracts!

Just tell us your idea..

Let us quickly provide you with an example framework. (no charge!)

If it looks good, agree a fixed price! (Yes FIXED!)

Then work with us to complete the project by gradually customising the systems to with you until you have an initial working application.

You could take your idea and create a detailed specification with all final report/output details. All of the required input data with data types and sizes and verification details, minimum and maximum value, etc. Not forgetting processing paths, layouts, colours, images, internal calculations required and on and on.

This takes considerable time! In our experiance it is never enough information and is never what is finally needed. The saying goes, you don’t know what you want until you have one and then see the shortcommings.


Initialy created around 1976 developing a Forth compiler for the BBC Micro. (Split Forth).

Computaphile Software Solutions.

1989— Created providing on site support on PC’s and small networks. Designed and created software solutions to Power Stations, Hot Air Balloon Companies, several mentioned here.

Shift Rota Program for Power Stations. 4+ stations
Diploma Printing for U.C.E.
Permit to Work Document Production  for Power Stations. 20+ Stations
Absence, Cover Wages Management for Cleaning Company.
Materials ordering system for Cleaning Company.
Komax Wire Cutting Design Tool in Excel.
Hot Air Balloon Company Flight Booking Systems. 10+
Bar Code Reader for Document Management.
Contactless Card Scanner for Logon to Software.
Plus several other minor projects, email sender, database manager, etc,. etc.

Programming Languages Used.
Pascal (Embarcadero Delphi).
Visual Basic.
JavaScript, J Query.
C, C++.